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Wikipedia’s Lack of Neutrality, Run by Activists

This is one of several articles describing a phenomenon I have seen coming from Wikipedia and it’s lack of neutrality on all articles, politics notwithstanding

Newcomers who try to put Wikipedia’s “neutral point of view” into practice on sensitive political subjects are often shouted down, or baited into committing rules infractions that lead to a lifetime ban.

Wikipedia members from Democratic Underground and have the power, the numbers and the seniority. They can win any argument about content, either through mob tactics or a well-placed block by a friendly administrator. The rules and policies form an online minefield, and they derive immense satisfaction from baiting newbies into that minefield.

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Airbrushing the Biography of “Dear Leader”

In the Wikipedia world, free means “can be controlled by others” – especially when it comes to BO’s biography

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