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Stimulus oversight left up to taxpayers

The government has blown through almost A TRILLION DOLLARS and is not even bothering to keep track

Still, the North Carolina Democrat said he realized that tracking so much money will be difficult, acknowledging that “we’re trying to spend $500 billion quickly.”

Mr. Devaney, though, said his board – made up of 10 IGs – has a dual mission: “First, the board is responsible for establishing and maintaining a Web site.” Oh, and second, it’s supposed to “help minimize fraud, waste or mismanagement.”

Corrected paragraph: While Mr. Miller and the panel’s top Republican were there, only Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper, Pennsylvania Democrats, came to the hearing. Absent were Democratic Reps. Steven R. Rothman of New Jersey, Lincoln Davis of Tennessee, Charles A. Wilson of Ohio, Alan Grayson of Florida and Bart Gordon of Tennessee. Republican Rep. Ralph M. Hall of Texas also skipped the session, while Rep. Brian P. Bilbray of California dropped by for the final hour of the nearly three-hour hearing.

Still, to a sparse crowd, Mr. Miller got right to the point. “President Obama promised a level of transparency, through the Internet, … How do you intend to provide that level of transparency, to see how – who actually got the contract to pour asphalt?”

“As I mentioned in my testimony,” Mr. Devaney said, “that Web site is evolving. … I would probably be the first to admit today the Web site doesn’t give you that kind of information.”

Dear government, if money isn’t that important to you, then pay my school debts for me. Thanks. Signed, a taxpayer.

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Taxes, Deficits and Parties – What’s the Difference?

As well stated by Jonan Goldberg:

Amidst all of the hooplah, I’ve heard a lot of complaints from liberals. Here are the most frequent complaints and my responses.

1. All of this tyranny talk is overheated and idiotic.

Well, some of it surely is. But look. According to that reason video I posted below, Americans work an average of 103 days a year just to pay their taxes. If you had to work 365 days a year to pay your taxes, that would be a kind of slavery or indentured servitude, because all of your productive labor would be going to the government. You would have no resources of your own to provide for the life you wanted. Instead the government would provide you not with what you want, but what the government decides you need.

That sounds like a kind of tyranny to me.

And, I think if we had to work 364 days a year it would still be a kind of serfdom (after all, serfs were allowed a little plot of their own). Ditto 363 days, 362 days, 361 days etc. Now, at some point the difference of degree becomes a difference in kind; working one day a year to pay for the government doesn’t sound oppressive to me. But it seems to me that it’s hardly absurd to think that 103 days a year is too much, or to believe that if that number goes even higher, we’re losing something important.

I would also add that it’s sort of crazy for liberals to equate government hand-outs (positive liberty, FDR’s economic bill of rights and all that) with “freedom” but to equate the desire to keep more of the money you make yourself with greed and oppression of some kind. Money does make all sorts of liberties possible (you have to pay for your megaphone and all that). But government money only pays for the “liberties” the government thinks you should have, and therefore it can determine how you exercise them. That turns liberties into privileges dispensed at the whim of the state.

2. The original tea parties were about taxation without representation, today’s spending is the result of Democrats winning elections, so it’s taxation with representation.

There’s some fairness to this objection. But one response would be that Democrats are tripling the debt, which means that generations of Americans not yet born will be taxed to pay for spending today. That is a kind of taxation without representation.

A second, more political than philosophical objection, would be that today’s spending is being achieved under false pretenses. Obama says he’s spending this money to fix a crisis, but much of his spending has nothing to do with the crisis but with shopworn liberal action items. However, since Obama campaigned on many of these items, I don’t think it amounts to taxation without representation. But it does seem like the sort of duplicity worth a protest or two.

3. These protests are unpatriotic astroturfing by plutocrats.

So much for “dissent is the highest form of patriotism”!

I find it sort of amazing that when groups like ANSWER, a Mos Eisley cantina of America-hating nut cases, take to the streets it’s a full-flowering of democracy in action. When ACORN pays their ragamuffins to protest, or when Rainbow/PUSH shakes down businesses through racial extortion, it’s the sort of direct democratic action Thomas Paine dreamed of. And when labor unions pay people to protest, it’s populist. But when a bunch of independent Americans, talk show hosts and email campaigners organize hundreds of protests around the country, it’s astroturfing.

4. Republicans are hypocrites for suddenly caring about deficits.

Well, maybe. But then so are liberals for suddenly not caring about deficits. (That part always gets left out.)

Moreover, I don’t get it. Republicans didn’t care enough about the deficit when it went up a “little” under Bush (to pay for a war), therefore they can’t complain when Obama sends it through the stratosphere (to pay for socialized medicine)? How does that work? If my wife spends too much on a shopping trip, does that mean she can’t complain if I lose our house on a trip to Vegas?

5. The populist anger out there is the real face of America’s homegrown fascism.

Sigh. While I think Rick Perry’s secession talk is idiotic and unfortunate (even accounting for Texas’ unique history), I am at a loss as to how any of this stuff smacks of fascism. Even Perry is talking in the context of the federal government doing too much, taking away too much liberty, getting too involved in local communities and interfering too much with the individual.

How do I say this so people will understand? Fascism isn’t a libertarian doctrine! It just isn’t, never will be and it can’t be cast as one. Anarchism, secessionism, extreme localism or rampant individualism may be bad, evil, wrong, stupid, selfish and all sorts of other things (though not by my lights). But they have nothing to do with a totalitarian vision of the state where individuals and institutions alike must march in step and take orders from the government.

If you think shrinking government and getting it less involved in your life is a hallmark of tyranny it is only because you are either grotesquely ignorant or because you subscribe to a statist ideology that believes the expansion of the state is the expansion of liberty.

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Does the Tea Party Have Legs?

GayPatriot certainly thinks so.

And so do one of the commentators:

War is expensive. Every war we have ever fought has put us in debt.

But your assertion that the Bush tax cuts put us is debt is a bald faced lie. The Bush tax cuts dramatically INCREASED tax revenue, meaning the government was bringing in MORE money because of them, not less. Those tax cuts are responsible for paying down the debt, not increasing it.

Furthermore, to refresh everyone’s memory, and correct the record, Republicans deficits reached their peak in 2004, and had DECREASED substantially, thanks to the Bush tax cuts, every year since.

The CBO estimated that Republican budgets would have eliminated the deficit by next year (2010) and entered into SURPLUS thus paying DOWN the national debt thereafter.

But a funny thing happened on the way to a balanced budget ….Democrats got elected decrying corruption that they have now made look like child’s play, and “fiscal irresponsibility” a claim so ridiculous on its face, it ought to be a crime.

And when Democrats got elected the very first budget they wrote (FY 2008) TRIPLED the Republican deficit, which up until then had been decreasing every year.

Then, when Obama got elected, he and Democrats more than QUADRUPLED the deficit that Democrats had already tripled.

And finally, your laughable claim that Obama is quadrupling the debt to save our economy. Even the Democrat Congressional Budget Office says that’s a lie. They say Obama’s policies will HARM the economy, and in a long term way.

There’s a reason why the public has rejected your party, its leaders, and its circus that masquerades as a “philosophy.”

Yes, there is. A large majority of them wrongly believed that Republicans controlled congress the past two years. They wrongly believed that Republicans were in control of policy and budgets when we went into recession. Polls prove this.

But the fact is that when Republicans handed over control of congress, the economy was still growing at well over 3%, the deficit was on track to be eliminated, and it wasnt until Democrats had been in control for over a year that we went into recession.

But Americans are starting to recognize that the only change Obama has brought is by making eveyrthing Democrats have done to destroy the economy and destroy liberty far, FAR worse!

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Tea Time – Part II

Lots of folks in these parts are pretty “steamed” about the performance of their government and the direction that the nation they love is headed. That’s why we think it’s the perfect time for another Thomasville Tea Party, a hybrid redux of the Boston Tea Party in 1773 that set the stage for the American Revolution.

Discord between the voters and the people they count on to represent them has been brewing for quite some time. That was clear during two recent citizens meetings at the Thomasville Municipal Auditorium.

In advance news coverage of the initial gathering last fall, we expressed hope that the “Thomasville Tea Party” might serve as the start of something larger, perhaps a movement that would expand across the state and nation. We wanted people to educate themselves and get involved in the process of government instead of being vaguely interested onlookers at the wreck our country has become.

Thankfully, it seems others are indeed following Thomasville’s lead. On Feb. 27, bolstered by an on-air rant by CNBC commentator Rick Santelli, a combined 30,000 people gathered in 40 cities to protest the federal government’s growing penchant for bailouts and so-called stimulus packages. These confiscatory policies have piled a mountain of debt on current taxpayers and several generations yet to be born.

“Tea parties” are popping up all across America. Since Thomasville’s second meeting in January, Washington, D.C., Fayetteville, N.C., Pittsburgh, Penn., San Diego, Calif., Fort Worth, Texas, Tulsa, Okla., Oklahoma City, Okla., Orlando, Fla., Omaha, Neb., Atlanta and others have hosted them. Monterey, Calif., Green Bay, Wisc., and Harrisburg, Pa., conducted similar events last weekend.

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Tea Party in Obamaland

Here are some pictures from this past Friday’s protest against the Obama “stimulus” package

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