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Warren Buffett: Obama has “Driven the Economy off the Cliff”

During a three-hour appearance on Squawk Box this morning (Monday), Buffett said economic developments have been very “close to the worst case” that he had imagined, although conditions would be far worse if the Federal Reserve hadn’t stepped in last September.

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Obama Phones NYT, Tries to Reassure He’s Not a socialist

Or, more precisely, that he’s no more of a socialist than George W. Bush was. Aim high, Barry.

I don’t think the Times needed any reassuring. On the contrary:

“Well, I just think it’s clear by the time we got here, there already had been an enormous infusion of taxpayer money into the financial system. And the thing I constantly try to emphasize to people if that coming in, the market was doing fine, nobody would be happier than me to stay out of it. I have more than enough to do without having to worry the financial system. The fact that we’ve had to take these extraordinary measures and intervene is not an indication of my ideological preference, but an indication of the degree to which lax regulation and extravagant risk taking has precipitated a crisis.”

He concluded the brief call by saying, “I think that covers it.”

The phone call came after the president was asked aboard his plane: “Are you a socialist as some people have suggested?”

He was clear in his first answer: “You know, let’s take a look at the budget – the answer would be no.”

“Is there anything wrong with saying, ‘Yes’?” a Times reporter pressed.

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Obama’s Treasury Secretary Needs Your Help

The Treasury Secretary is open to suggestions…to anyone. Including Obama.

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Stopping the ADDITIONAL Spending – Call Your Senator

The Democratic Spending-Your-Moneyethon was momentarily stopped tonight when the Senate failed to get the 60 votes necessary to stop cloture. Call your Senator or Representative and tell them to strip the pork from the spending bill!

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