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Democrats Disenfranchise Voters

Democrats disenfranchise voters…and the NY Media still does NOT care. It’s okay if they’re not a minority, right?

Under New York law, absentee ballots in this race had to be postmarked by March 30, the day before the March 31 election, and received by April 7. That left most military voters only 25 days to receive, mark and return their absentee ballots, which everyone agrees isn’t enough time, given overseas mail delays.

The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, which is responsible for enforcing the federal statute that guarantees the right of overseas citizens and military personnel to vote by absentee ballot, contacted the New York State Board of Elections and requested that they issue their ballots sooner for this race. The two Republican members of the board voted to support this request. Yet the two Democratic members of the board, shamefully enough, voted against doing so. Were they trying to disenfranchise military voters?

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Does Voting Matter Anymore?

I would’ve accepted the stance that we should just re-name our institutions (exchange “Senate” for “House of Lords” and President for “He Who Cannot Be Questioned”) as well as re-naming “citizens of the US” to “servants to the US” (after all, our only purpose is to work in order for others to spend our money). But this is just as good:

Since President Obama’s inauguration, Americans have been subjected to an unprecedented display of political arrogance. The monetary actions of the president and Democrats in both houses are completely untethered from the serious spending concerns of voters of all stripes. Some actions exhibit such a level of self-interest that they are in blatant disregard of the fact that such accountability even exists at all. To believe otherwise is to accept that the majority of Americans would opt, of their own free choice, to take millions from their precious and dwindling resources and spend it on Nancy Pelosi’s little mice. Not likely. We have been shown, in no uncertain terms, that the votes cast last November don’t matter today because “we won.” Unfortunately, the “we” isn’t the voter; it is the politically arrogant officeholders setting the agenda as they see fit.

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