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Denying Medicine to Cancer Patients B/C of Rationing in UK

Socialized medicine in the UK: Skip to minute 5:00

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Another “Conservative” in the UK Parliament

In his speech to party conference in Bournemouth, Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor Vince Cable argues that government should do fewer things well, rather than many things badly, freeing up the resources to give tax cuts to ordinary people.

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Last Adult Standing: Romney’s Economic Message

Remember all the criticism about Romney being too stiff to be President in spite of his background in creating jobs for Americans? Seems that, in comparison to President Obama who is excels at spending taxpayer money but nothing else, people are looking for an economic leader. This might be their guy in four years (but will the US fiscally survive four years of Obama’s spend-a-thon?).

But now, with a more statesmanlike bearing and some measured criticisms of the Obama administration, Romney suddenly seems like the only adult left standing among the 2012 Republican presidential hopefuls.

It’s early, of course – ridiculously early – for anyone except potential candidates to be thinking about the next presidential race. But there’s been plenty of positioning going on in the now-leaderless GOP, including a head-scratching debut by one promising contender, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and a parade of speeches by some others at the Conservative Political Action Conference late last month.

And while much of the CPAC spotlight went to someone who isn’t a candidate for president – radio personality Rush Limbaugh, who came off as either boorish or straight-talking, depending on your political temperature – it was Romney who walked away with the best reviews and victory in the convention’s presidential straw poll.

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