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Contributors Wanted

One thing that people have asked about before is whether you have to use your real name when blogging. The answer is no. You use a user ID that allows you post under an alias. Mine is “ellatinolaw”. Not much of a surprise.

Secondly, the blog heading indicates that it is a website run by minorities. But by minorities, I don’t mean the political meaning minorities. I refer to it as a broad definition of minorities – e.g., Catholics, social conservatives, pro-life activists, non-crazed professor feminists, etc.

Third, being a blogger does NOT require you to reinvent the wheel which means that, if the only thing you want to do is link to another person’s website on a topic that you agree or disagree, then that works too. Just add a one-liner and its good to go. OR you can always write a pithy article if you wanted to.

Right now, most of my posts are focused on the Obama administration and its mishaps. However, I would like to add in more posts regarding the issues I have raised above. Part of the lack of issues is that the websites that I normally read from do NOT carry all the issues listed above. Hence, I could use contributors that could help out with that area.

Anyhow, let me know if you need more information.

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