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Spain’s Modern Spanish Inquisition

So Obama is going to let the Spanish prosecute US government administrators….good job upholding the Constitution, buddy.

Obama has taken ambiguous, and flatly contradictory, positions on whether to prosecute Bush administration advisers and decision makers involved in “harsh interrogation techniques.” Although he immunized intelligence operatives who conducted the interrogations, morale at the CIA is at record lows. The president has played to the crowd politically, but the principles underlying his policies are opaque and continually subject to change. This hardly constitutes leadership.

This is the government that you can trust

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DOJ Going Political; Paying DNC Operatives for Talks

Ah yes. The Obama-Eric Holder Department of Justice is certainly staying neutral when it comes to politics.

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Politizing the Dept. of Justice, Obama Style

Who is Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the US, and his Lieutenant, David Ogden?

During Attorney General Eric Holder’s confirmation hearings, Democratic senators questioned him about the claimed “politicalization” of the Justice Department in the Bush administration. I could only smile with amusement when Holder promised that he would “restore” the supposed nonpartisanship of the Justice Department. Of course, what he really meant was restoring the primacy of radical, liberal politics in much of the key decision-making at the Department of Justice. I have little doubt that he will succeed in this endeavor, given the backgrounds of President Obama’s other nominees for leadership posts at Justice. Indeed, virtually every nominee to date is far to the left of the legal mainstream.

Expecting nonpartisanship from Eric Holder is a bit much. Holder helped Bill Clinton sell a pardon to fugitive Mark Rich for the large contributions made by Rich’s wife to the Clinton library, the president’s legal defense fund, Hillary Clinton, and other Democratic campaigns. Rich had fled the U.S. (giving up his citizenship) one step ahead of an indictment in what prosecutors described as “the biggest tax-fraud case in the history of the United States.” As former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy says, the Rich pardon “was one of the most disgraceful chapters in the history of the Justice Department.”

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