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Does the Tea Party Have Legs?

GayPatriot certainly thinks so.

And so do one of the commentators:

War is expensive. Every war we have ever fought has put us in debt.

But your assertion that the Bush tax cuts put us is debt is a bald faced lie. The Bush tax cuts dramatically INCREASED tax revenue, meaning the government was bringing in MORE money because of them, not less. Those tax cuts are responsible for paying down the debt, not increasing it.

Furthermore, to refresh everyone’s memory, and correct the record, Republicans deficits reached their peak in 2004, and had DECREASED substantially, thanks to the Bush tax cuts, every year since.

The CBO estimated that Republican budgets would have eliminated the deficit by next year (2010) and entered into SURPLUS thus paying DOWN the national debt thereafter.

But a funny thing happened on the way to a balanced budget ….Democrats got elected decrying corruption that they have now made look like child’s play, and “fiscal irresponsibility” a claim so ridiculous on its face, it ought to be a crime.

And when Democrats got elected the very first budget they wrote (FY 2008) TRIPLED the Republican deficit, which up until then had been decreasing every year.

Then, when Obama got elected, he and Democrats more than QUADRUPLED the deficit that Democrats had already tripled.

And finally, your laughable claim that Obama is quadrupling the debt to save our economy. Even the Democrat Congressional Budget Office says that’s a lie. They say Obama’s policies will HARM the economy, and in a long term way.

There’s a reason why the public has rejected your party, its leaders, and its circus that masquerades as a “philosophy.”

Yes, there is. A large majority of them wrongly believed that Republicans controlled congress the past two years. They wrongly believed that Republicans were in control of policy and budgets when we went into recession. Polls prove this.

But the fact is that when Republicans handed over control of congress, the economy was still growing at well over 3%, the deficit was on track to be eliminated, and it wasnt until Democrats had been in control for over a year that we went into recession.

But Americans are starting to recognize that the only change Obama has brought is by making eveyrthing Democrats have done to destroy the economy and destroy liberty far, FAR worse!

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