The Final Minority Report

Because Even Minorities Oppose Liberalism & Statism

Danger to Society – Flash Mobs?

Are flash mobs a danger to society? You decide.

Below are my favorites found from the above link.

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British Health Care – Continuing Series

Listening to our allies when it comes to socialized health care makes me happy for what we have in America

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“I Can’t Speak Austrian,” Says President Obama

I am unsure how his other language skills are but his American is much better than his English.


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Governor Turned Prostitute Enabler Says Sorry, Wants Govt Job

How long before “Mr. Clean” is appointed to some position within the Obama Administration?
It seems fitting, though.
Obama pimps the American taxpayer to fund his social engineering programs via increase in taxes for years to come. Then hires a prostitute employer to run a key position within the administration to make sure we are properly pimped.

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