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Will the Media Treat Biden like they did with Palin?

I don’t think so.

So, you think it’s unfair to criticize Joe Biden for the actions of his daughter. And you could be right. But did you say the same thing about Bristol Palin? Her pregnancy was supposed to prove something bad about her mom’s advocacy of abstinence education. (Even though Sarah Palin also advocates teaching birth control, which somehow always gets left out of such arguments.) Her private, personal decisions have been strewn all over the media landscape. She’s been torn apart everywhere from Good Morning America to Saturday Night Live. And what she did isn’t even illegal.

If Bristol Palin’s actions reflect badly on her mom, why don’t Ashley Biden’s actions reflect badly on her dad?

Oh, and let’s not forget another acquaintance of Joe’s who was known to snort a line or two in his time. You now know him as Mr. President.

04/01/2009 - Posted by | Obey Obama, Populism, Tolerant Liberals

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