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“OBEY ME” – Obama Says to Banks, Free Market Economy

Ever seen the 2008 Obama campaign posters that tell you to OBEY Obama?

Guess they weren’t kidding!

Sunday, March 29, 2009
Obama’s “Industrialists”
There is something more than a little unsettling when a government and industry collaborate. Government is all about political power … and the use of force against those who refuse to cooperate. Industry is all about economic activity and, in free societies; it is closer to the individual. Business, after all, provides most of us our jobs, our income, our career paths. When business and government combine they form effectively fascist societies; combining the economic power or industry with the coercive power of the state.

Obama invited the heads of the major US banks to a meeting in the White House recently, and they came. They had no choice; the government is either a majority or minority stakeholders in their companies.

Beyond the banks, the Obama government is demanding the power to seize all non-bank companies that could, in its sole opinion, damage the economy. Keep in mind that the government already has the power to seize banks via the FDIC. By defining the seizure power to “non-banks” the government is literally asking for power to seize ANY company. Tim Geithner’s rationale is that this power could have prevented the AIG problem. But it is not at all clear how the government could have prevented AIG from imploding when it failed to do so with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two quasi governmental organizations over which the government had oversight. And the power that the government is demanding in it’s power to seize “non-banks” is not limited to AIG-like corporations. Based on Geithner’s testimony, the power the government is demanding will give it the power to seize General Electric, General Motors, Boeing, Exxon and any other major corporation.

The concerns about this seizure of power by government are not theoretical. Historians, especially historians of the Left are constantly reminding us that Hitler had the support of German “industrialists.” Here is the testimony of those industrialists and their co option by the Nazi regime.

Leaders of industry are invited to the capital and given a speech by the head of government. Check.
Leaders of industry were warned of the dangers to the country if not properly addressed. Check.
Leaders of industry praise the wise measures taken by the government to meet the threat. Check.
Leaders of industry pledge overwhelming support of government aims. Check
Leaders of industry lead their enterprises for no compensation. Well, is $1 a year close enough?
Industry that does not cooperate can be seized on the pretext that is is a threat to the economy. Working on that.

Have we had our Reichstag fire yet?

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Bill Gates Heaps Praise on Obama

Here’s the solution to America’s deficit: Take Bill Gates money! If Obama’s economic plans are so great, and thus helps Obama indirectly promote them via Obama name-dropping him in townhall meetings, then let Gates pay for the national deficit when the bills come due and there is no more money that can be tapped out of the middle-class workers (middle class being those people who actually go to work as opposed to people supported by the government).

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