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Communists Want Obama to Quit Spending Money

It’s sad that a conservative’s best ally is Communist China when it comes to teaching Obama how to be fiscally responsible. Money Quote:

Of course, what the Chinese are worried about is not that the United States government will default on its bonds. That obviously won’t happen. The Chinese concern, now being expressed openly for the first time, is that the U.S. will adopt the standard debtor’s remedy of inflating its currency and paying back its debts in shrunken dollars. Why are the Chinese worried about this? Because Barack Obama’s budget proposes to borrow trillions of dollars, injecting them into the U.S. economy without any offsetting wealth being created. The inevitable result, as any economist not in the pay of the Obama administration or the Democratic Party will tell you, is inflation.

Thank you Obama for helping create the backdrop for inflation after Reagan conquered it in the early 1980s. Baby-boomers everywhere are proud of you of stealing their life-savings by injecting inflation into the economy and turning money that was worth hundreds and thousands into dollars and change…change you can believe in!!!

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