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Charging Vets for Service-Related Injuries, New Obama VA Proposal

So in order to raise funds for the government, the Obama VA has proposed that any veteran injured while serving should have to pay for their own health treatment. Hmm…wonder how popular that will make BO’s ratings jump up? Excerpt:

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki confirmed Tuesday that the Obama administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance. …

No official proposal to create such a program has been announced publicly, but veterans groups wrote a pre-emptive letter last week to President Obama voicing their opposition to the idea after hearing the plan was under consideration.

The groups also cited an increase in “third-party collections” estimated in the 2010 budget proposal — something they said could be achieved only if the Veterans Administration started billing for service-related injuries.

Asked about the proposal, Shinseki said it was under “consideration.”

“A final decision hasn’t been made yet,” he said.

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Does Voting Matter Anymore?

I would’ve accepted the stance that we should just re-name our institutions (exchange “Senate” for “House of Lords” and President for “He Who Cannot Be Questioned”) as well as re-naming “citizens of the US” to “servants to the US” (after all, our only purpose is to work in order for others to spend our money). But this is just as good:

Since President Obama’s inauguration, Americans have been subjected to an unprecedented display of political arrogance. The monetary actions of the president and Democrats in both houses are completely untethered from the serious spending concerns of voters of all stripes. Some actions exhibit such a level of self-interest that they are in blatant disregard of the fact that such accountability even exists at all. To believe otherwise is to accept that the majority of Americans would opt, of their own free choice, to take millions from their precious and dwindling resources and spend it on Nancy Pelosi’s little mice. Not likely. We have been shown, in no uncertain terms, that the votes cast last November don’t matter today because “we won.” Unfortunately, the “we” isn’t the voter; it is the politically arrogant officeholders setting the agenda as they see fit.

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How To: Escape Law School Debt

For anyone who has recently gone to law school but is afraid of paying back their loans, here is some helpful information:

There are several new programs that may help you to follow your dream to help people rather than bill hours, while making sure that you don’t have to take on a second job to cover your debt. The first program won’t be up and running until July 2009, but it could certainly benefit many underpaid and overdebted do-gooders. The Department of Education’s Income Based Repayment Plan essentially caps the percentage of your discretionary income you are expected to pay toward your student loan debt. (This calculator can help you determine whether you are eligible, but only the department can give you a final verdict.) Heather Jarvis of Equal Justice Works (on their very useful student loan podcast) says that an easy calculation is that anyone who owes more than their annual salary will likely be eligible. Take extra caution if you are married and filing jointly: Both spouses’ income will be counted to determine your eligibility. Also be sure to pay attention to what type of loans you have, as not all types of federal loans are eligible.

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program is another possibility for you. This new program requires individuals to make 120 eligible monthly payments toward their qualifying student loans while working full-time in government, at a 501(c)(3), or in another qualifying profession (including early-childhood education, social work, faculty teaching in high-need areas …). At the end of that period, the government will forgive the remaining balance. This program is intricate: Be sure to read more about it or even use this checklist as a guide.

Remember, the quicker you pay back your loans, the less interest you end up paying the banks (a/k/a the government a/k/a the taxpayer a/k/a yourself)

Another good website to visit is:

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How To: Opt-Out of Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers

In case anyone is ever concerned about having a pre-approved a credit card sent to you, but someone else takes it for themselves and uses it for their own personal means, (i.e., identity theft), this is the website to go to in order to permanently opt-out of those offers.

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New York Times: “Obama Ran on Redistributing Wealth”

Contrary to what the NY Times said during the campaign season:

On the domestic issues Mr. Obama ran and won on — health care, education, climate change, rebalancing the distribution of wealth — the legislation does little more than promise there will be more to come.

Aren’t you happy that the newspaper finally reports what every other intelligent person figured out months ago?

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Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee

Worth watching if you care how free speech is implemented in “open-minded” institutions where “nothing” is too sacred that it cannot be charged with the public at-large

Easily one of the best independent films made in the last 10 years

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Injecting Politics into Science

In the name of “depoliticizing science,” President Barack Obama held an applause-filled rally before supporters Monday to declare that his administration would begin funding research that destroys healthy, living human embryos. This supposedly anti-political move was a victory for one of Washington’s most powerful industry lobbying groups.

The Biotechnology Industry Organization, which represents drugmakers and for-profit laboratories, quickly endorsed Obama’s new policy. “We fully support and are enthusiastic about President Obama’s decision to allow the National Institutes of Health to fund embryonic stem cell research,” said BIO President and Chief Executive Officer Jim Greenwood.

Financial headlines around the world indicated Greenwood and BIO’s member companies had reason to celebrate: “Industry set for stem cell profits”; “Stem cell buzz may help industry”; “Shares of Stem Cells [Inc.] rally on Obama’s news.”

Destroying human embryos to harvest stem cells has never been illegal in the United States, and many laboratories have been carrying out this sort of research for years, either with private money or with state taxpayer money. Obama’s decision gives these businesses — and any that now want to jump on the bandwagon — access to federal taxpayer money for their efforts to turn human embryos into profits.

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Obama Takes Photographs, Forgets to Appoint People

Definition of Failure: One who does not do what one was hired (or elected) to do. See Obama – First 50 Days in Office.

After 51 days in office, Barack Obama has appointed only 73 people to 1,200 jobs that require Senate confirmation.

If they require Senate approval, they are important jobs.

But Obama is too busy to properly vet the people and appoint them to fill the jobs to get the work done.

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Taxpayers Create Legacy for Kennedys, Obama is Next

More than one out of every five dollars of the $126 million Massachusetts is receiving in earmarks from a $410 billion federal spending package is going to help preserve the legacy of the Kennedys.

The bill includes $5.8 million for the planning and design of a building to house a new Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate. The funding may also help support an endowment for the institute.

The bill also includes $22 million to expand facilities at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum and $5 million more for a new gateway to the Boston Harbor Islands on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a park system in downtown Boston named after Kennedy’s mother and built on land opened up by the Big Dig highway project.

A spokeswoman for Sen. Kennedy, who at 77 is battling brain cancer, said he hadn’t requested the money for the library and institute, and that there are dozens of other earmarks in the spending bill for homeless services and community health centers.

Who wants to bet that this will happen with Obama once he leaves office?

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Politizing the Dept. of Justice, Obama Style

Who is Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the US, and his Lieutenant, David Ogden?

During Attorney General Eric Holder’s confirmation hearings, Democratic senators questioned him about the claimed “politicalization” of the Justice Department in the Bush administration. I could only smile with amusement when Holder promised that he would “restore” the supposed nonpartisanship of the Justice Department. Of course, what he really meant was restoring the primacy of radical, liberal politics in much of the key decision-making at the Department of Justice. I have little doubt that he will succeed in this endeavor, given the backgrounds of President Obama’s other nominees for leadership posts at Justice. Indeed, virtually every nominee to date is far to the left of the legal mainstream.

Expecting nonpartisanship from Eric Holder is a bit much. Holder helped Bill Clinton sell a pardon to fugitive Mark Rich for the large contributions made by Rich’s wife to the Clinton library, the president’s legal defense fund, Hillary Clinton, and other Democratic campaigns. Rich had fled the U.S. (giving up his citizenship) one step ahead of an indictment in what prosecutors described as “the biggest tax-fraud case in the history of the United States.” As former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy says, the Rich pardon “was one of the most disgraceful chapters in the history of the Justice Department.”

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