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When Obama Says “Sacrifice”, He Means ONLY YOU

You would think with all of the talk about how Barack Obama needs to get some rest, the man might start to ease up a little and take a break. Not the case with this man on the go. Top of today’s list: Education.

And I quote:

Every so often, throughout our history, a generation of Americans bears the responsibility of seeing this country through difficult times and protecting the dream of its founding for posterity. This is a responsibility that has fallen to our generation. Meeting it will require steering our nation’s economy through a crisis unlike any we have seen in our time. In the short-term, that means jumpstarting job creation, re-starting lending, and restoring confidence in our markets and our financial system. But it also means taking steps that not only advance our recovery, but lay the foundation for lasting, shared prosperity.

When you say that this is a responsibility that has fallen to our generation, wouldn’t it be more accurate to say the next eight generations to come? I mean, let’s be honest. Your generation isn’t making the tough choices and sacrifices you talked about at the inauguration. Your creating more debt and spending money that you your generation won’t be around to payback.

In other words, thank you President BO for running up a bill and expecting the rest of us who DIDN’T VOTE FOR YOU to pick up the check.

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