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Obama Tells Taxpayers: “Pay for Others Mortgages, Home Equity”

Thanks to Obama, we now get to pay for other people’s mortgages AND equity that people took out of their homes! Hooray!

Definition of “Home Equity Loan“: Type of loan in which the borrower uses the equity in their home as collateral. This means people used the money to purchase a pool, buy cars, or make additions to their house.

Moral of the story? Be reckless with your money. Obama will use other taxpayer’s money to cover it.

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Central Asia Asks for Help, Obama Silent

According to one of our allies in Central Asia, we can continue to maintain a military base in their country IF the US is willing to play ball. Russia certainly is. What will the Obama Administration do next – respond with an offer or allow Russia to take control of a critical geographic area that involves trade routes strategic military jump points?

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World Opinion Changes Regarding America, Seizes American Property

As you can tell, things have plainly changed since the election of Obama

Since the transition, countries continue to respect Americans and American Business in their (foreign) lands…and by respect, I meant seizing property for their own nationalistic goals

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